Our Mission

 Our mission is to design, digitize and manufacture Subject Matter Expertise (SME) accross silos of industrial disciplines to make “Know-Hows” accessible, useful, and low-cost.

The High Voltage Software Systems R & D team aims at developing a new generation of methodologies and digital technologies that encode the Know-Hows of utilities (power, water, gaz)  and industrial asset management personnel. The group consists of retired Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and active Products Developers.

The Electric Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Industry is facing an unprecedented retirement exodus leaving a shortage of equipement expertise. As a result, Power Utilities face losing the collective experience and expertise of these workers while simultaneously competing in disrupted markets. As such, the electrical grid is a stellar candidate for Digital SMEs Manufacture.

With Power transformers being one of the most expensive piece of equipments in the T&D chains of infrastructure, our entry point for the SMEs digitization in High Voltage Assets targets Power Transformers and their related accessories. To that end, the Transformer Analytics Platform is introduced to lay out a range of services and products culminating the expertise in the area of transformer operation, maintenance and performance monitoring.

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