Structures Need Doctors!

Gradual damages, aging structures, severe events, environmental effects are inevitable, and require continuous monitoring.

The development of structural health monitoring (SHM) systems and their integration in actual structures has become a necessity as it can provide a robust and low-cost solution for monitoring the structural integrity of and the ability to predict the remaining life of structures. Sensors are strategically located on various structural members to record among others, responses such as strain, temperature, and acceleration. This data is uploaded continuously to a central server where it can be accessed by engineers and clients. Because this process records exact responses of the most critical members of a structure, it offers a clear and accurate understanding of the behaviour of the structure as a whole.

Sample Applications and Actors
  • Residential Buildings.
  • Public Buildings
    • Hospitals.
    • Sport stadiums.
    • Schools, Museums, Cinemas, Hotels.
  • Road structures (bridges, viaducts, hotels).
  • Steel Structures
  • Condo Owners Associations
  • Local Government Authorities
  • Construction and Structural Engineering Firms.
Health Monitoring & Diagnostics
  • Relies on a dedicated Sensor Networks for:
    • Optimum coverage of the structure
    • Accuracy of the condition assessment
    • Lower deployment costs
  • Lifetime Extension.
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Structural condition assessment.
  • Prediction of remaining service life.
  • Ensure a high level of public safety.

Digital Twins Engineered For Structures Health Monitoring

Industrial and flexible system that is designed to measure a wide range of structural responses through various sensor types. Tailorable on-demand following customer and application specifications.  Delivers unified data immediately consumed and converted by  a Cloud-based condition assessments, actionable insights provider, and behavioural simulation software.

Fiber Optic Sensors

Combine multiple point sensors on singe fiber channel
Based on fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs)
Combine temperature and strain measurements

Vibrating Wire Traducers


To monitor very small changes in the inclination of a structure.
Measure angles of slope (or tilt), elevation, or depression of an object with respect to gravity’s direction.


MEMS Digital In-Place Inclinometer (IPI) System.
Monitor subsurface movements and deformations.
Checking that subsurface deformations are within design limits.


Measure dynamic changes in mechanical variables including acceleration, shock and vibration.
To monitor the variations of structural dynamic characteristics due to damage or change in structural performance

Load Cells

To measure mechanical force such as load, weight, tension, compression or pressure.
Selection driven by application requirements specs.

Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT)

To measure linear displacement evolving from a fraction of mm to few cms.
Ideal for recording displacements on structural members due to live loads and temperature variations.

Acoustic Emission Sensor

Measure high-frequency energy signals that are generated from local sources of stress waves.
Ideal to detect the onset or growth of existing cracks in structural components.

Analytics For Structure Health Assessment


HVSS’s Digital Twin Solution for Structural Health Monitoring approach provides customers with a complete solution, utilizing ultra-sensitive sensors, such as: MEMS, fiber optics, etc.


Establish a system to actively monitor the implementation of new construction technologies and determine their effectiveness.


Put a system in place to keep track of damages (e.g. radial displacement, surface damage) during construction and throughout its lifespan.


Monitor infrastructure degradation and receive warning notifications to perform preventative maintenance and ensure safety of using the infrastructured being monitored.


Actively monitor the structure of interest to assess its current condition, and establish a maintenance plan for performing repairs to increase longevity.


Get an immediate status update about the structure health, including possible damage and failures, following adverse events.

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