Utility Asset Performance Management Server

Maintenance Engineers, Assets Managers, OEMs, Independent Power Producers: Check out our newly designed MPX-100 Asset Management Server, a portable cloud, an all-in-one solution uniquely designed to emulate the daily operation of assets operating within a power substation, or an industrial facility, with built-in diagnostics, simulation tools for various operation scenarios, maintenance strategies, and cost impacts analysis.

Software bundles For Assets Performance Management

We produce a wide portfolio of applications software combining domain expertise with cutting edge  machine learning (ML) techniques and tools to deliver predictive and prescriptive insights, answering the interrogations of Utilities, OEMs, Power Producers, and Industrial Facilities.

Products Engineering

Products Engineering

Rapid R&D and prototyping within a timeframe of 3 - 6 months guaranteed. Versatile Plug-n-Play Solution Ready Package. Online Tracking and Testing Platform.
Protocol Consulting & Training

Protocol Consulting & Training

Outsource your Software Development project to speed up your product development. Protocols integration services. Smart Meter Protocol Implementation. Certification support.

Let’s build a world class product together

Whether you want to design a digital twin for an asset, test a specific Sensor, integrate IoTs, Monitors/Controllers, OR you want to train/test AI/ML models for specific tasks, we are ready to help. Our LAB test benches are equipped to do just that.

Build AI-Enabled Digital Twins

Research, study, and provide end-to-end solutions to develop and deploy AI-powered autonomous machines and edge computing applications.

Scale your AI potential with help from the pros

Built Upon Well-Established Standards and Technologies

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