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uNAMEPLATE ® Asset Performance Management Client
Open on-premise Asset Performance Management Client designed to answer electric utility personnels (load planners, maintenance engineers, asset managers) needs in assessing the performance, the health, and the risk of operating their assets.

  • All simulation, diagnostics, and decision-making tools in one place.
  • Flexible asset performance, health, and risk assessments, offering users the unique capability of simulating asset various operation scenarios, maintenance costbenefit analysis based on live data.
  • Open design allowing an extension to designated asset performance management models. Intuitive user interface with visual reporting on critical assets “at-aglance.”
  • Enriched with connectors allowing the convenience of connecting to any data source.

MPX-100 Asset Management Server
The MPX-100 is a versatile low-cost Asset Management Server uniquely designed to emulate the daily operation of assets operating within a power substation. The server aims at answering T&D Operators, Manufacturers (OEMs), Independent Power Producers (IPPs) needs to control their own cloud-based solution for asset management

  • German-engineered rugged computing platform for demanding industrial applications
  • Single-point of federated data fusion and preparation
  • Hosts the standard-guided uNamePlate suite of Web Applications for Asset Performance Management.
  • Supports Assets such as: power transformers, load tap changers, circuit breakers, and fluid filled cables
  • Hosts an AI-powered Digital Asset Manager (DAM) bringing industry standards (IEC, IEEE, ASTM, CIGRE, ISO & DIN), publish research, and technical knowledge to the service of guided decision-making.
  • Customizable upon submitted specifications.

Sample Benefits:

  • Reduces unplanned downtime and increases
    availability and reliability by helping to ensure that
    critical assets and systems are monitored and protected
    from emerging threats
  • Built in compliance with the state-of-the-art industry standardization and recommendation guidelines (IEEE, IEC, CIGRE)

The uNamePlate asset performance management suite includes the following solutions:

LoadingHUB™ : Transformer Rating & Load Simulation

  • Patented digital nameplate
  • Seasonal load profiles design and update
  • Optimize loading limit based on user-defined operation scenario
  • Condition-based dynamic loading simulation

iForensics® : Asset Insulation Forensics and Information Management

  • Asset Information Management
  • Dissolved Gas and Oil Quality Analysis
  • Faults detection, identification, tracking, and classification
  • Predict equipment failures before occurrence

INSPectiv®: Invasive  and Non-Invasive Condition Monitoring

  • Standardize the collection, integration, modeling, and analysis of disparate data into a single, unified view. 
  • Partial Discharge Diagnostics
  • Acoustic Imaging  and Infrared Thermography Analysis
  • Vibration Analysis

Deployment to Microsoft Azure, Amazon, Google Cloud, or to private cloud available on-request.

Power Transformer rating and load simulator

  • Assist utilities in planning transformer loading
  • Patented missing FAT data approximation
  • WHAT-IFs loading scenarios design
  • IEEE C57.91/IEC60076 calculation methods
  • Includes thermal models for bushings and load tap changers (LTCs)
  • Batch mode simulation and bulk report generation
  • Built-in SCADA interface option for real-time optimum load monitoring

Main Benefits

  • Perform your loading studies at all-time.
  • License-based, one-time ownership cost
  • Calibration for missing nameplate value 
  • Simple, intuitive graphical interface supplemented by extensive technical help.
  • Seasonal load and ambient profiles design based on existing utility loading practice
  • Optimize loading limits and margins for Normal and Emergency loadings

Customizable on-request

  • Multiple units’ creation and load planning
  • Impacts study of the loss of cooling or tap position change
  • Impacts study of of cooling or tap position change
  • Seasonal load and ambient profiles design
  • Custom design of WHAT IFs loading scenarios
  • Printable/exportable unit specific loading assessment report.

MPX-100M Transformer Computer
Rugged on-board transformer computer

  • Impact & Shock Recorder
  • Real-time load and remaining lifetime meters
  • Energy efficient cooling control (fans, pumps operation and noise optimization)
  • Ready for integration in OEMs production lines
  • Cybersecured with state-of-the art communication protocols.

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