.Net Application

.NET is a programming language with powerful tools for web, mobile and desktop development. It is supported by the robust Microsoft ecosystem and allows building applications suitable for any device and platform.


We choose the architecture that will perfectly suit the needs of your future application:

Multitier architecture

For mid-sized applications to ensure their fast development, easy testing and maintenance.

Microservices architecture

For building a brand-new application, adding new components to the existing microservices infrastructure, or refactoring a monolith application. Microservices are a good fit for increased load and needs, continuous deployment, and partial updates.

Cloud-native architecture

To enhance your application with Microsoft Azure Cloud Services and specialized API. You’ll get a modern cloud app with maximal scalability and availability and benefit from significantly reduced operational costs.

Eager to Use .NET in Your Future Project?

Let’s see what ScienceSoft’s team can do for you.

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