Introducing the uNamePlate APM System

Asset Performance Management (APM) is a comprehensive approach to optimizing the performance of industrial assets. It integrates software tools and services to enhance operational efficiency and maintenance (O&M) across various levels of an organization’s assets. APM tools are designed to reduce unplanned repair work, increase asset availability, minimize maintenance costs, and reduce the risk of failure for critical assets. They also support regulatory compliance by ensuring assets are inspected and maintained properly.

(a) The technological realm of physical Asset Performance Management (APM) systems encompasses diverse sectors such as energy, transportation, and construction. The uNamePlate APM system specifically targets energy systems, including Electrical Transmission & Distribution Operators, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Independent Power Producers (IPPs), and facilities with high power demands.

When considering the implementation or upgrade of an APM system, it’s crucial to assess your operation’s specific requirements and explore the diverse software choices available to ensure the best match for your organization.

(b) Recognizing that “one size does not fit all,” the HVSS uNamePlate APM System provides a unique approach with its customizable trio of APM components, namely: (1) the uNamePlate One Application; (2) the MPX-100 APM server; (3) the LoadingHub SaaS platform

1- uNamePlate One (uNo)

As part of the Ubiquitous Nameplate APM System, the uNamePlate™ One is an on-premise console application designed to answer electric utilities personnel needs in assessing the performance, the health, and the risk of operating their assets. Among other features, the application helps utilities perform WHAT IFs operation scenarios simulation, failure impact analysis, maintenance cost-benefit study, and capital expenditure optimization.

uNamePlate One is designed for facilities or utilities that already have a PI Historian infrastructure in place. The application provides a geospatial overview of assets throughout your system, displaying the condition, criticality, and risk of each asset with clarity. It allows you to delve into the precise details you require directly from your workstation. By monitoring and safeguarding critical assets and systems against emerging threats, it helps to minimize unplanned downtime and enhance both availability and reliability.

2- MPX-100: Utility Asset Management Server

The MPX-100 is a versatile, portable Asset Performance Management Server, specifically crafted with Digital Twin analytics to help create virtual representations of physical assets for real-time monitoring and analysis of assets within a power substation or an industrial facility.

The MPX-100 serves as a hub for asset data processing, diagnostics, monitoring, and control, and primarily functions as an advisory center to support asset performance management decision-making with tools designed to reduce unplanned repair work, increase asset availability, minimize maintenance costs, and reduce the risk of failure for critical assets.

3 – LoadingHub: A SaaS Platform For Energy Systems APM

A distinctive and adaptable SaaS platform committed to delivering computational tools that empowers Electric Utilities, Manufacturers (OEMs), and Independent Power Producers to comprehensively manage their assets with a suite of simulations tools, industry standards-driven diagnostics tools, controllers, and pretrained AI diagnostics models ready for consumption, using the uNamePlate APM Console as Vehicle.

The LoadingHub platform represents HVSS’s commitment to keeping pace with the latest advancements in energy production assets, offering digital solutions for managing their condition, performance, and lifecycle.