AssetWatchTM v0.1: Smart Insights on Your HV Apparatus and Monitors

Embrace the Future of Continuous Diagnostics, Prognostics and Reporting, Providing Timely Notifications and Recommendations.

The HVSS AssetWatchTM is a centralized DIGITAL SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT (D-SME) that relies on a vast wealth of knowledge, standards (CIGRE, IEEE, IEC), technical and academic research reports on transmission and distribution (T&D) equipment to establish thorough diagnostics, prognostics, unbiased recommendations, O&M costs and Risks optimization for the benefit of Utilities.

Propelled by a proprietary artificial intelligence, AssetWatchTM matches data from disparate sources to a matrix of reasoning engines made of cutting-edge inference and natural language generation techniques. The S-DME applies the matrix to assess assets status, for faulty operation, safety, efficiency, and environmental impacts.

An arsenal of the latest development in AI technologies and deep machine learning AI powers the AssetWatchTM platform. Data rich output from thermal imagers, color cameras, acoustic and other sensors are analyzed in REAL TIME at the edge. Our solutions cost-effectively automate high-priority monitoring and reporting processes in complex and/or remote industrial environments.

THE RESULT: enhanced asset and worker safety, savings in operational, labour and maintenance costs, prevention or minimization of environmental damage, financial liabilities and reputation damage, and maintenance of regulatory compliance and social license to operate.

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